Why Restaurants are Straying Away From Third Party Delivery

Even before the Covid-19 crisis struck the world, many restaurants have already implemented some form of online ordering. According to a survey done by the National Restaurant Association, 60% of all restaurants and food service sales were takeout, drive-through, or … Continued

Must Have Features on a POS System

Buying a POS System Buying a POS System is no easy task. As the POS System market becomes more and more saturated, it becomes challenging to determine which one is best suited for running your business. When comparing point of … Continued

How To Attract and Retain Loyal Customers

Tips to Attract and Retain Customers Success at a restaurant is highly contingent upon the ability to attract and retain loyal customers. Having all of the essentials, such as top quality food, a great location, and online ordering set up … Continued

A Guide To Corona Virus in the Restaurant Industry

As the virus known as Covid-19 (Corona Virus) continues to wreck havoc among the global population, many people are left in unfamiliar waters. In any moments of uncertainty, it is best to gather the facts to allow yourself and your … Continued

Raising $200 Million for Local Businesses

Help us raise $200M for our customers at Shift4Cares.com –and Shift4 is matching up to $10 million!As COVID-19 continues to impact every aspect of our day-to-day lives, we are facing a truly unprecedented situation as an industry and as a … Continued

NIT Business Solutions Update 3/16/2020

NIT Business Solutions is committed to maintaining the safety of our employees while ensuring that our customers continue to receive support. We are currently operating as normal. We have a contingency plan in place to ensure we are able to … Continued