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Top Reasons to Support Your Local POS Dealer During the Pandemic

There are several compelling reasons to buy from a local dealer, especially when making a purchase as grandiose as a POS system. With the rise of online shopping, there are several issues that occur at a fairly decent rate. Whether it be products lacking key features, being falsely advertised, or just not being adequate to perform day-to-day operations, consumers have more likely than not made a purchase online that just did not meet standards. While some items may have financial and other benefits when purchasing online, there are certainly some items that should be avoided altogether through an Ecommerce, especially one with as big of a business impact as a POS system.

With a unit so essential to your business, POS systems aren’t something to take lightly. There are just some things that are essential for you to be able to physically learn, touch, and customize in person. With so many companies selling plug and play POS systems, many should be hesitant as these are items that need thorough research and guidance before purchasing. Buying POS systems from an online provider is something that can go drastically wrong as they lack many benefits versus buying from a local pos dealer.

Like any major purchase such as buying a car or house, it is best to try it out in person and meet with an expert that can advise on its benefits customized to your business. Below are a few reasons why you should buy your Point of Sale system from a local vendor.

Support the Community

There are several reasons to “shop local”. Buying local stimulates the local economy and is good for the businesses you consider as your neighbors. In a recent study done, for every $100 spent at a locally-owned business, $73 of it remains in the community. This has a direct impact on everyone as community wealth is increased, the overall standard of living follows as suit. This can mean better schools, libraries, and other services for the community. Jobs opportunities are created and families are positively impacted.

Especially during a pandemic like Covid-19, buying locally is more important than ever. As many local businesses are being forced to close for weeks and some forever, it is more important than ever to support local businesses.


Another reason to buy local is that these vendors bring an unmatched level of passion and expertise when it comes to their products and services. A POS system is one of the core driving features of a business. With your local dealer acting as both a business partner and consultant, business owners will thrive from the expertise local vendors can provide. In addition, if any questions or issues arise, having a local provider that can respond efficiently to any problems is a huge plus. Buying local exposes your company to experts within the industry that can help your business flourish while adding a personal touch. 

We are sharing important information and serving as a resource for our customers during this time of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our parent company Shift4 is constantly updating with information on government assistance, industry updates, and specific incentives and relief measures we are making available. Shift4 also continue to share information on SBA loans and other government incentives. In fact, they sent out a step by step guide on how to take advantage of these offers just earlier today. Starting early next week, Shift4 will greatly enhance the website to include a new domain and other efforts to help our merchants further. This includes a special gift card program we are working on as well as publishing a wealth of data to support industry awareness and advocacy.


As previously alluded to, where a local vendor truly shines is through the on-site services and overall accessibility they provide to clients. A local business owner is more likely to place emphasis on exceptional service. These vendors know their product and make it a priority to educate and take care of their customers. Local owners want to partner with you to come up with the best possible solutions to maximize your happiness and success. The service provided does not stop after the sale, rather it is only the beginning of the relationship between vendor and client. Equipment gets old, something may need to be updated, or a question may come up. Local business owners pride themselves on building lasting relationships with their customers in whichever way they may need assistance. 

In response to Covid 19, we also released a version of SkyTab, called “SkyTab Solo” that does not need to be integrated to a POS System. It is a fast way to enable curbside and delivery payments. We have over 10,000+ units available to us and we can ship them directly to your merchants without any startup or monthly costs. We just want to help hospitality merchants conduct commerce.


Buying locally promotes respect among the community. Small business owners are eager to help other business owners grow because they can relate to the ups and downs of running a small operation. A better community is one that is able to grow and prosper together, and buying locally plays a huge role in that. When buying locally, the seller is going to take his/her time to inform you on products can help your business grow, rather than attempt to sell you products you may not even need. Local vendors want to see you succeed and have no issue with going above and beyond to build your success.

To find more information about your local dealer click here.

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