NIT Business Solutions, Inc. offers 24×7 tech support to all current customers.

We also offer a host of services that help restaurants like yours improve their bottom line. Click here for more information on services such as the RM Monitor reporting and alert service, our Custom Email Reporting Service, and Automated Off-Site Backups, etc.

We guarantee a two hour response time to any current customer that contacts us at the numbers below:

858-564-1888 ext. 203 and 202 during business hours (8am – 5pm Mon – Fri) and for after hour service.

If you purchased a POS System within the last 12 months or if your restaurant is enrolled in one of our Software Support Plans, no payment is required at the time of service. Other callers, however, should have their credit card ready when placing a call and may choose at that time whether to pay the hourly service fee below or initiate an “On-the-Spot Enrollment” in one of our Software Support Plans.

Click here for information on the many other services offered by NIT Business Solutions, Inc., included Off-Site Automated Backups, RMMonitor, and our Custom Email Reporting Service.

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