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Must Have Features on a POS System

Buying a POS System

Buying a POS System is no easy task. As the POS System market becomes more and more saturated, it becomes challenging to determine which one is best suited for running your business.

When comparing point of sales systems, you’ll want to make sure the system is most suitable for your business. For example, if you intend to run a busy restaurant and bar, a POS System dedicated for a quick service cafe would not be suitable. Although the two systems may have similar touchscreen displays, the front and back house of the software could be polar opposites.

Of course, seeking a local POS Systems vendor is another great way to get more clarity on which route to take. But here are a few key features you should look out for when purchasing a POS System.

Easy to Use

POS systems have many differences. One of the most important items to look at when buying a point of sales system is can you and your employees use it with ease. A POS System like any computer software can be made easier and/or harder to use, dependent on your computer capabilities. What you’ll want to keep an eye on is how easy the point of sales system makes it to do basic restaurant functions such as placing orders, sending tickets to the kitchen, splitting checks, reordering drinks, etc. If you can’t figure these basic functions out, chances are your staff won’t either. Without an easy to use point of sales system, you may expose yourself to potential inefficiencies if employees are troubled doing basic functions.

The best way to determine if a POS System is the right fit for you is to schedule a live demo, where you go on-site and an expert can guide you through the ins and outs of the system. This is the best way to determine the ease of usage of a POS System, as well as a great way to ask any other questions you may have.

Advanced Inventory Control

Inventory Management can be timely and troubling. However, by using a POS system, this timely task can be significantly reduced. All within a matter of seconds, POS systems can signal what is selling and what is not.

Most quality POS systems have a form of inventory control. This data set is a must have for any business looking to maximize profits while saving costs. Owners wanting to know how much food is on hand, food costs, and profit margins must ensure their point of sales system has inventory capabilities. Their are many different ways this feature can be used, but the bottom line is this should be a minimum requirement when purchasing a POS System. Make sure your system has the inventory management capabilities you need, or has options to integrate a vendor system that you may need in the future.

Thorough Training and Customer Service

Before going through with your purchase of a POS System, ensure you will be receiving the best customer support. Not only is it important to be able to receive on-sight maintenance, but also make sure your staff will be receiving the best comprehensive training. While some companies offer remote training, the best way to learn a POS System is through on-site training, where users are trained in person and can ask questions as they come up.

As previously mentioned, the next item you must consider before buying a POS System is how is the customer service? Can they fix your issue within the hour, day, week, or month? Finding a reliable and local POS Dealer that cares about your system’s maintenance and funcitonality will pay immense dividends for your business. As your restaurant begins relying more and more on the system, having a station go out for hours or even days can add burden and frustration to your daily operations. Having a local reliable vendor that can provide customer service at an exceptional rate is a must have when purchasing a POS System.

Reservations and Table Controls

If you plan on opening a restaurant or bar, at minimum you need a POS System that will allow you to have built in table management and the ability to add in reservations. Having a POS System that seamlessly integrates managing your tables and seating arrangements will make managing your restaurant much more efficient. If you’re doing table seating, this is a must have feature as it will smooth front of house operations.

A table management program will show you what tables are occupied, being cleaned, or are available. All within a few touch of the buttons. The program can also tie into a built in reservation system, that will update tables as they are getting reserved.

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