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Prevent Employee Theft with a POS System & Security Cameras

You’d like to believe that your employees are honest, hard-working, and loyal. No one wants to think badly of the people who work for them, people they see on a daily basis. It would be great if everyone in the world was honest and kind, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. While most of your employees are probably wonderful people, you can’t guarantee that all of them are. An interview or the few hours a day that you interact with them might not be enough to give you access to their true nature. That is why you need to be aware of how to prevent employee theft and provide the right security for your business.

While most restaurant owners and managers want to see the good in their employees, the statistics prove that not all restaurant employees are as honest as their bosses think they are.

The restaurant industry sees a total of 3 to 6 billion dollars in theft annually. A staggering 75% of restaurant employees have admitted to stealing from their employer at some point.

These statistics aren’t easy to hear or believe, but it’s a hard truth you must face. You shouldn’t constantly suspect your employees of dishonest behavior, but it’s nice to prepare yourself and protect your restaurant or bar just in case. Thankfully, you can easily prevent employee theft with a POS System & security cameras

POS System

If you’re still using a cash register, you’re putting yourself at high risk for employee theft. A cash register is too easy to steal from. You can’t get an accurate read of what really goes on at your restaurant when you’re not there if you’re still using a simple cash register. Even if you notice money missing, an employee can pass it off as a simple accident or counting error. There’s no way to know if they’re telling the truth or if they’ve stolen from you. 

With a Point of Sale (POS) System, there’s a lot more accountability. Your POS System keeps track of employee hours and their actions, as well as recording each sale that’s made. You’ll have the ability to keep an eye on the restaurant when you’re away with helpful management tools and apps. This will give you peace of mind and discourage employees from trying to steal from you. 

When you’re able to track sales and the hours your employee is working, it’ll make it a lot harder for theft to be passed off as a simple mistake. This will make an employee think twice before skimming a few dollars, for fear of getting caught. It’s a nice system to have, just in case. This way, you can continue to think the best of your employees, but if they don’t live up to your thoughts of them, you’ll have proof of their misconduct. 

Security Cameras

Another great way to make sure everything is happening as it should when you’re away is by using security cameras. When employees know they’re being watched, they’ll keep greedy hands to themselves and work harder. With the use of security cameras, you can look in on your employees from wherever you are by simply using your phone. 

There are several forms of theft that having security cameras in place can eliminate. 

One way that employees steal without actually pocketing cash is by filing fraudulent injury claims. This can be completely eliminated by installing security cameras. They can’t claim something happened when you have proof that it didn’t. You can protect yourself from false claims and hold everyone to a higher standard by simply letting them know that you can watch them when you’re away. 

Another common form of employee theft is the self-imposed break. If your employees are checking their phones instead of doing their jobs your restaurant suffers. With less productivity and less efficiency, you see fewer profits. Not to mention, your employees get overwhelmed later since their break made their tasks pile up on them. A lack of attention to customers, due to an employee checking their phone, is also very bad for business. Security cameras are an easy way to eliminate this problem. If you’re watching them, they’re far less likely to pull out their phone. 

Your employees might not pocket cash. Instead, they might steal food. Sometimes a stocked fridge is too much for an employee to resist. If they keep stealing or snacking every day, your restaurant profits will eventually suffer. Keeping a watchful eye over your kitchen can put an end to the stealing of food or unauthorized snacking. 

Hopefully, your employees are just as great as you think they are, but in case they’re not completely honest, it’s smart to protect yourself with products like a POS System and security cameras. They not only help prevent theft and provide security, but they create a more productive work environment. So, if you want to protect your restaurant or bar from theft, contact NIT Business Solutions

POS System and Security Cameras prevent theft, provide security, and create a more productive work environment.

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