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Restaurants Reopening? Start Preparing

Restaurants Reopening? Never Too Early To Start Preparing

The United States is gradually reopening. While some states are opening quicker than others, there is a common feeling around the US that most states will begin to open and operate sooner rather than later. Though some areas may be closer to allowing in-person dining, it is never too early to begin preparing. With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting restaurants and possibly changing the industry forever, it is important to implement and beware of the necessary precautions to operate safely and successfully. As some counties and cities have begun allowing in-person dining, here are a few tips for what to expect and how to minimize complications.

Comply with Local Laws

It is important to comply with local laws before proceeding with anything. Make sure to look up any restrictions or requirements before opening your business to the public. One of the best ways to reassure your customers that their safety and well-being are being properly cared for is through following the guidelines provided by your local laws. These are specific to your region, and will be catered toward protecting the safety of communities.

Restaurants Reopening Checklist

Click this link for a reopening checklist provided by the city of San Diego. (

How to Begin Preparation

A great way to begin preparation for restaurants reopening is by building trust between your business and customers. One thing customers want to see is if your business is taking necessary safety precautions. Even before coronavirus, customers appreciate clean sanitary restaurants. Once restaurants reopen back up, people will be much more cautious and may even walk out the door if you are not reassuring the safety of your business. Good ways to establish trust is to constantly disinfect areas of your restaurant, monitor the health of your employees, disinfect high usage items and areas, ensure your staff is washing and sanitizing their hands, and to even appropriately distance tables from each other.  By taking these safety precautions, you can reassure your customers that they can trust your business and services. Providing your customers with a safe atmosphere to dine in will make them feel more comfortable, which will likely keep them coming back. Remember, one slip up by your staff or mishap can potentially lose a customer forever. Ere on the side of caution and safety and the community will appreciate these efforts.

Payment Changes

Besides these sanitary precautions, switching to cashless transactions is a great way to contain the spread of the virus away from both your employees and customers. Switching to card only or even mobile payments should be done as the movement of cash contains bacteria from each of its past owners. Many sectors are banning the use of cash until further notice. Make sure your business is prepared to process other forms of payments. Cash is dirty and should be limited going forward until the virus is eradicated. Contact NIT Business Solutions, Inc., your local POS and Merchant Service provider, for the latest advances in cashless transaction technologies.

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